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How to become a Venture Capitalist?

In this course, you will learn about venture capital investments that bring maximum returns!

A return of 1,000 per cent is possible in this type of investment!

Learn the aspects to take into account to minimise the risks and choose the right company to invest in.
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Introduction to cryptocurrency

The Introduction to Cryptocurrency course was created at the request of our partners and investors.

Cryptocurrency is coming into our lives.

We constantly hear the news that in many countries it is already possible to buy goods and services with cryptocurrency, that big investors make huge profits on buying cryptocurrency.

Digital money is becoming an essential part of the global economy!

That's why we encourage you to get into the subject as early as possible and understand the investment and earning potential of cryptocurrency!

Take our free course now and start your journey into the digital economy!
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Cryptocurrency 2.0

We welcome you to the Cryptocurrency 2.0: DeFi course.

Course syllabus:


Lesson 1. How to create a Metamask Wallet to work with DeFi

Lesson 2. How to create a Trust Wallet

Lesson 3. How to create a Binance account.

Lesson 4. What is decentralized finance.

Lesson 5. Components of DeFi.

Lesson 6. How to earn in DeFi. Theory

Lesson 7. How to earn in DeFi. Practice.

Lesson 8. Lending protocols


We wish you a productive and interesting learning experience!

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$ 25.00