DigiU - Leadership: Self and Team Development Program

Leadership: Self and Team Development Program

Each of us wants to be effective and successful - at work, in our personal lives, studies, etc. What is needed for that? Some of us get lucky by nature and have a set of innate qualities that allow us to achieve what we want. But what if you don't? Then you can develop them!

This course is all about what you need to do to turn your dreams into reality or become a true leader for your team.

During the course, you will learn about this "leadership" phenomenon and what qualities you need to develop to become effective and successful. And, most importantly, where to start on this journey. How to set goals, how to motivate yourself and others, which goals inspire, how to achieve a balance of discipline and inspiration in achieving your goals - you will find the answers to these and many other questions in this course.

We believe that the course will be useful for DigiU partners who are working on expanding and strengthening their network structure and anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness in whatever they do!

There are 4 lessons and a test after three lessons to reinforce your learning. You can also use the lesson summaries to speed up your learning or remind yourself of each lesson's key points. There's also exciting homework and extra material so you can get straight into practice.

We wish you an effective and engaging learning experience! Good luck!

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